My community rotation was completed at HealthNut Nutrition & Wellness Consultants in Miami, FL in 4 weeks. At HealthNut Nut Nutrition & Wellness Consultants I was able to sharpen my nutrition counseling skills with a seasoned team of Dietitians at their local office and various Medicare Advantage plan clinics. I was able to counsel patients with various disease states including: diabetes type 1 and 2, chronic kidney disease (stage 1-5), weight loss, and bariatric. Here I helped create future health programs for medical centers, create educational content for patients, and letters to congressmen focused on nutrition related advocacy and press releases to dietitians.

Creation of Monthly Community Nutrition Program
I worked with a Dietitian from HealthNut Nutrition & Wellness Consultants and HealthSun insurance plans to create a community- based Diabetes education program. This program entails the creation of handouts and flyers to be displayed at the clinics and mailed to diabetic patients from these facilities. The report details the program mission/purpose/goals, funding, community impact and discussion of the program.
Diabetes Health Promotion Flyers and Posters
Exercise And Diabetes Management_Spanish
Exercise And Diabetes Management_English
Check Your Body_Spanish
Check Your Body_English
Breaking Down The Nutrition Label_Spanish
Breaking Down The Nutrition Label_English

Health Promotion Program
I worked with a Dietitian and HealthSun insurance plans to incorporate a healthy teaching kitchen for two of their clinic branches of Pasteur and WellMax medical centers in the Miami-Dade and Broward counties. The needs, goals, budget and timeline for this project are provided in the report.
Health Promotion Programs

Letter to Congressman and Press Release for Dietitians
I wrote a letter to one of my Florida state senators, Senator Scott, on supporting the Preventative Health Savings Act (H.R.2584/S.1361). I also created a news release for employees and other dietitians about the bill.
Letter to Congressman

Nutrition Lecture
I created a lesson plan and bi-lingual handouts for patients in the various Medicare Advantage Plan Clinics which HealthNut Nutrition & Wellness provides consulting services. The lecture was performed in the reception waiting area with those who were waiting to be seen by their medical and/or ancillary health care team. The topic of the lecture was on “How to Choose Healthy Snacks/ Como Elegir Meriendas Saludables”.

Nutrition Lecture
Breaking Down The Nutrition Label_English

Breaking Down The Nutrition Label_Spanish
Why Eat this When you can Eat That


HealthNut Nutrition & Wellness Consultants
June 2019