Specialty – Pediatrics


I completed my specialty rotation at Holtz Children’s Hospital, which is part of the Jackson Health System network. I worked closely with the pediatric dietitian team to provide aggressive nutrition support to critically ill neonates, infants and children. I have assessed children with severe burns, trauma, organ failure, pre- and post-transplant, pediatric intensive care, cancer, metabolic disorders and provided nutritional recommendations based off growth standards. I worked closely with the pediatric nephrology dietitian and the pediatric dialysis interdisciplinary team to create a quality improvement program for the dialysis adolescents. This is a 6 month program which launched during my rotation.

QIP – Improving Compliance with Dietary Recommendations and Medication Adherence
QIP – Phosphorus and Potassium Facts

I contributed to the development of a quality improvement program with the pediatric nephrology dietitian in the dialysis clinic. This is a new 6 month program which I was able to help launch. The goal of the program was to enhance the compliance of the adolescent patients to their diet and medication. I created bi-lingual entry surveys, program activities, and interviewed the participants, collecting data for future program analysis.      

Micronutrient Dosing for Pediatric Parenteral Nutrition

At Holtz Children’s Hospital the acuity level of the children receiving care at this facility is very high. For that reason there are many children on parenteral nutrition. I created tables, based on evidence based guidelines for micronutrient dosing in the pediatric population. 

Holtz Children's Hospital
August 2019