Women, Infants and Children / WIC


I fulfilled my Women Infant and Children Rotation working at the Early Head Start office in Miami, FL. Here I increased my knowledge of and enhanced my skills in providing nutrition services to low-income and nutritionally at-risk women, infants, and children. I assessed children and toddlers using the Nutrition Care Process. I was able to research and create educational materials for teachers, parents, and dietitians working with this population. I participated in team meetings to help improve patient care.

Lead Toxicity Research
At the Early Head Start program, the health care team carefully assesses the lead levels of the children. I conducted a literature search on lead toxicity in children. This review outlines the populations at risk, the effects of lead toxicity, lead exposure, and interventions which are taken to minimize risks.
Lead Research Paper

Lead Presentation
I created a presentation on my findings of lead toxicity in children, as well as the impact on the Miami-Dade community based off of data from the Florida Department of Public Health.
Lead Presentation

Lesson Plan
I created a lesson plan for dietitians to disseminate to the teachers and present to parents on “Preventing Lead Toxicity in Children Through the Environment and Nutrition”. This lesson plan includes handouts which I created to educate parents on how proper nutrition can help minimize risks of lead exposure.
Lesson Plan for In Service Lead Toxicity in Children

Early Head Start Miami-Dade
May 2019